What To Wear

Check out my Milwaukee Mom article about what to wear for your family session here


Start with yourself!

- find what you want to wear and use that to style the rest of your family.


ARMS: avoid thin straps or strapless tops

MIDDLE: opt for A line tops/dresses, choose statement necklaces, earrings, or headbands to draw eye up

LEGS: choose a flowy dress, wear a wedged heel

Layering clothing helps any insecurity. 

Things To Look For

- items that have movement i.e. dresses, shawls, cardigans, etc

- One Print. Try to have one person in a print, and the rest in solid colors. If you have very small patterns, mixing two prints is okay.

- Use a color wheel to find matching colors

- Minimal white. Your eye is drawn to the brightest part of the photo. Lots of white will distract from the photo.

Things To Avoid

- Neon colors (they will cast that color to your skin)

- Large Logos

- Beat up sneakers. Barefoot is always an option!

- Two people in the same color top

Where To Shop

l have found these stores to have a great variety as well as a great return policy. I advise planning your outfit a month in advance.

Old Navy                  Target

Shein                         H&M

Zara                           Amazon